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2020 is such a wild year so here are some news from the last few months:
On March 3rd 2020, I released my first full length solo album and I released it independently. You can listen/buy it here:

Physical (Vinyl):

On May 22nd, I released my first song ever in FRENCH. That's nice right? It came out on Music Mansion Records and it also comes with the news that I'm working on a solo album in French, which will come out next year. Excited? No? You should be.
You can listen to that French song here:

On June 5th 2020, I released a split with Mudie. Home-made. Pandemic style. I recorded one of his songs, and he recorded one of my songs.

You can listen to this split here:
Finally, I am working on my songs in French, on a new Lost Love album and potentially thinking of doing a Patreon this Fall if the pandemic remains. Oh also, I'm currently trying to do a French version of that website. Does it work?
Guilhem - 28/07/20


"Born & Bored" is Guilhem's new solo album. It was released on March 2nd 2020 independently.

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